Murmurations 2016 took place on
Friday 1 July 2016 at St Mary's Creative Space

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2016 Speakers These are just some of our guests who spoke at our 2016 event


Well, an amazing day, with amazing people, talks and food. To put it short, the event was organised with passion and a purpose.

Tobias Kaerst

A day that inspired me to look again at what is holding me back from realising my ideas to discover that it wasn't really that much at all. I just need to start a bit smaller and stop worrying if it will be a success.

Kathy Jones

Just really enjoyed the whole day. The speakers were inspiring, the space was amazing and the whole atmosphere was just buzzing.


Truly amazing and very inspirational day. An event like no other! The food and drink (proper coffee) was out of this world!


Inspirational is such a hackneyed word these days that I'm reluctant to use it, but I can't think of a better way to describe the day. I have so much energy now to direct towards helping Chester fulfil its potential.

Rebecca Collins

A massive achievement by the organisers in securing such a quality line-up of speakers. As a regular event, this could become a real asset for our city and a catalyst for authentic change rather than just talking about change.


Perfectly judged day - and a fantastic set of speakers covering a well-balanced set of topics and issues. I loved the fact that it was so well organised but deliberately engineered to feel more like an informal get-together of like-minded people looking to make a difference.

Peter Hooper

Inspiring day, the first of many I hope. May Murmurations become the movement that flocks and builds in strength and energy that #makechester

James Roberts

A fantastic day of inspirational talks; Some great examples of passion and combined dedication bringing about positive evolution.

Donna Vallis